Happy Friday Reboot Friends!
I hope this email finds you doing well and feeling great! The feedback about the new online program has been phenomenal and we are so excited for all we have coming.

So many of you have asked ‘Why Organic’? We have heard this for years as we have run the farm. There is so much to explain here so I will keep it as simple as possible.

One question I am asked when doing nutrition consults is ‘does everything have to be organic?’. The answer is up to you. For our house, we do all we can to only eat organic produce, meats and non perishables. Some things I don’t do organic are pineapple, oranges, grapefruit, and any other fruits that the peel isn’t edible. For non-perishable grocery items, we always look for organic and also look at ingredients. Food companies advertise items are healthy because they are organic but so often they are laden with sugar and other fillers you wouldn’t want in your diet. A good rule of thumb to get started is the items you eat the most, always choose organic.

Work your way to replacing food pantry items with organic as you go. For example- dill pickles. You would think how could they be harmful? They are a pickle! Most conventional pickles have Yellow No. 5 which is linked to studies showing it can be cancer causing. It is hard to believe something as simple as a pickle can be bad for you. It pays to check your labels. We will be doing a tutorial if you are a program member in the coming days on how to read a label and what to avoid.

In the ever changing world and growing population, the foods we eat are changing and not for the better. More and more pesticides are being linked to cancer and the nutrition has decreased drastically in the last 30 years. The vitamin C content in spinach has lessened by 95% simply because of soil conditions and overuse of pesticides. Not only do these chemicals kill pests on plants, they also have been shown to completely throw our gut into imbalance creating stomach bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea and more. If you have any of these symptoms, it may be
time to make some of these changes.

The food we eat and what our diets are made of can be intimidating. We want to feel good. We want to be a healthy weight. We want more energy and for our children to be healthy! Start with small changes. Read your labels. Check for added sugar and added colors. This is a good place to start. Your health span is so important- this is the length of time you have quality of life with your health. Much different from your life span. Make it last.

For your health